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The Social Development Sector is at that critical stage where innovative ideas can change the face of where the world is going to be in the next two decades. Scratch seemed like a fair idea when it was conceived; when we put it on pen and paper, we realized the impact it could have.

At Scratch, we aspire to establish ourselves as change makers, and in the process want to influence as many people as we can. We believe that every action, no matter how big or small, has a greater impact than we expect.

We want to be that Impact. But like every other passionate dream, we too have to start from the beginning; that is where “Scratch” clicked.




We aim to combine 'Essential Skills Development' with, but not restricted to 'financial inclusion' and 'livelihood generation' contributing towards our larger goal- 'Livelihood Sustainability'.

Ours is a 'Community inclusive' team. Our worker partners are rural handicraft artisans in need of an Intervention.

Our Solution- Scratch.

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